Fragility of Memory

Fragility of Memory, Buxton Museum 2015. Wax houses built of archive photographs, containing iBeacons playing oral history and music
Each wax house featured photos and oral history from a different town in England.

Wax and resin houses, incorporating archival images from different midlands towns. Each house enclosed an iBeacon which played oral history and music gathered or created through Past Lives Project a cine film, sound, music and photo archive project in the Midlands.

Using an iPad and headphones exhibition visitors walk in between the sculptures, the iBeacons inside the sculptures interacting with visitors through the route they take around work and the time they spend with each sculpture, creating a soundscape bespoke to each person.

This artwork was commissioned by D-Lab project, set up to enable Derbyshire artists to use new technologies in their work.

The iBeacon work was made in collaboration with Locly