Daily Commutes

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Daily Commutes project was exhibited at FORMAT International Photography Festival 2013
Daily Commutes project was exhibited at Vibe Gallery in 2012 as part of the Desperate Artwives exhibition in partnership with Women’s Art Library London.

Guardian Review

The project started as a way to keep making art in what had become a really busy period in my life. I photographed my commute each day, tracked the GPS data and created a string map of my journey and time. After a successful exhibition in London, the project evolved to include 3 other international artists who document their commutes and was shown at FORMAT International Photography Festival in 2013. Their individual journeys were GPS tracked and the string lines and photo times of their images are woven together to create one piece, reflecting our fleeting online interactions, which for artists and creatives can be collaborative and inspiring.

This project is still growing and open to new artists, we’re looking for bodies of work with an individual style. If you would like to take part leave a message below.

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The exhibition photographs above were shot by Holly Booth, an amazing photographer who specialises in product and fashion photography, see her review of the exhibition and contact detils in the link below