Prison Cyanotypes

During my artist residency in Dartmoor prison, I struggled to find a way to make the art to express the experience I had there. To move the project forward I started to make cyanotypes from the Prisoners Windows.

cyanotype_04_lrEach room was the same, each window was the same – yet there were subtle differences – like fingerprints.

cyanotype_05_lrSome prisoners used their windows as a makeshift fridge.


cyanotype_03_lrSome had a view of other parts of the prison.

cyanotype_02_lrA rare few prisoners had a view of Dartmoor countryside.

cyanotype_01_lrIn each cell I was deeply saddened by how high the windows were, to photograph each of window I had to stand on prisoners beds with the camera held high.

A room with a view, but not one that you can look out of.

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